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Most people are familiar with the term “search engine marketing”.

They are most likely familiar with some version of SEO, some versions even include the word “marketing” in their name. But what exactly is “search engine marketing”? To most people, it will just mean taking the “right” “situational” information and running with it, wherever and however that takes you. But to real people, it’s much more than that.

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People are human beings with their own set of expectations, needs, desires, hopes, dreams and needs. An organization that just “starts and ends” with the Internet is very much like a “shop window” displaying the products or services of that organization. The reality is more complicated than that however and in many ways, it is more like a “competition” than an “e-commerce” site. Let’s take for example, a “search engine marketing” company like Google.

They will not just display the names of websites they are interested in ranking.

They will also create an action plan to meet those websites’ various needs. What they will not show you is their actual marketing strategies.

Nor will you be led astray by any sort of marketing hype. “SEO” is a generic term used for any type of marketing campaign. It encompasses both traditional (shopping, lead-building) and “social” (social media, community) based marketing.

Traditional marketing includes direct mail, television, radio, pay-per-click, banners, e-mail campaigns, social media, and direct mail to the web users. Social media includes events, social networking, and regular blog posts.

Companies that just display “our” social media pages are often at a disadvantage compared to those that actively engage with social media sites. Companies that just post videos are often accused of “spam” sites.

And “spam” is the key word there – any sort of “spam” is labeled “spam” and will not be displayed.

The best search engine marketing strategies are those which actively seek out your audience and engage with you as an individual – not just engage in “spam” – but actively seek out the information and insights within your audience and use it to improve upon your own online reputation. “SEO” is a buzz word these days, especially among the larger corporations.

Is it possible that SEO is becoming a term of abuse among the small businesses? Perhaps not so fast… There is a tremendous amount of positive energy and information “in the air” (SEO) as it relates to small businesses and small businesses generally. Most of this positive energy and information can be found within the online “SEO” community, and unfortunately most of the negative energy and information can be found either behind the scenes or in the newspapers.

The key to a successful SEO campaign is finding “hidden” benefits and empowering your audience to achieve greater things in their businesses. There are many opportunities for businesses to show their passion for small business with strategies that are both creative and practical. Here are a few ideas for businesses to explore when it comes to increasing their visibility and increasing your sales.

* Create Your Website’s Insights by Learning About Search Engines. * Optimize and Mention Keywords in Your Keywords in Your Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn Pages. * Remember the Power of a Good Keyword. * Use Your Unique Keywords to Boost Your Social Media Pages.

* Remember the Power of a Good Title.