Seo Quick Guide

Seo Quick Guide

Seo quick guide: Search engine optimisation in five seconds 83% of internet users will submit a website to a search engine sooner or later. With so many things affecting your search engine rankings what kind of guarantees are there? Unfortunately there are no guarantees with SEO.

This means for many companies SEO is not financially viable. But there are some things that can and should be taken for granted. * The first thing to make sure is that your website must be attractive.An attractive website will grab the attention of the search engine servers and increase the chances of your website being listed on the search engines. * The size and position of the website matters.The search engine servers have more requirements than just the size and position of the website.

They also count the amount of unique listings and the importance of the sites that link to them. * The anchor texts that are placed on the website matters.The search engine servers need to know where the links are pointing to.

Optimizing Seo

So they will not just index the anchor text but also the page text and the description.

* The content of the website matters.The servers will also check the content of the website and make note of any URLs that link to the pages * The anchor text matters.The servers will also check the length of the anchor texts and the keywords contained on the pages * The pages that link to each other matters.The servers will also check if the links are legitimate and only allow links that are being shared by other websites * The layouts of the websites matters.The layouts of the pages matters too. The SERPs will only display content that is relevant to the content on the website. * SEO campaigns in general are not financially viable.SEO is one of the many marketing strategies used in the online world to attract new customers and to store existing customers. Although it has many positive aspects such as helping to drive traffic to a website or attract new customers, it is also very important for a company to consider how it may affect their bottom line.

* A professional SEO company should be able to provide ongoing monitoring and reporting.The SEO reports should show whether the campaign is achieving its objectives or not. * The SEO campaign must be consistent over a period of time.The campaign should not only drive traffic but also improve the website’s overall SEO profile. * The website should be highly attractive.A professional website should be attractive enough that the search engine crawlers would swipe right to visit it.

* The website should have effective and relevant content.The website should be relevant and have the desired meaning that the crawlers would use to explore the website. * The website should be of high qualityIt should be possible for the search crawlers to find the content even when the website is not being indexed by the search engine * The website should not only be search engine friendlyIt should also be SEO friendlyThis last point is probably the most important as many companies are unaware that they are not only making a direct impact on the search engine rankings but also negatively impacting the SERPs.

There are many SEO companies that make the mistake of hoping that a simple redesign and re-write of their website will solve all their problems.

This is a grave error as a website redesign is the number one thing that a search engine will not only index but also improve.

A website redesign is vital to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. A website redesign should not only improve the user experience but also drive traffic to the website. A professional website redesigning company should be able to provide all of this and more. A SEP must keep a careful eye on all of these things and constantly monitor the developments and listen to your requests for help in making your website more attractive to the search engine crawlers.